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Purchase Guidelines

  • Simple Purchasing Steps: 

Step 1: Register as a romgirls.com member for free.

Step 2: Login as a member

Step 3: Select your favor products from our list and add them into your shopping cart.

Step 4: When finish your online shopping, press [Checkout center]

Step 5: Parcel(s) weight and shipping fee to your destination will be automatically calculated. 

Step 6: Follow the guideline to settle the payment.

Step 7: You can view all your orders in the member center.

(** As stocks level is changing every hour, there may have potentially 5% of goods not enough stocks. You can make payment after place order, then we'll prepare the goods for you and then send out. All the price and the part of shipping fee will be credited to your account balance for using in next order. Or, you can contact our CS to make sure about the stock status after place order, then you can make replacement.**)

Step 8: Tracking number will be sent to your email address when parcel is delivered. You may also instantly track the parcel status, by clicking the tracking no. at order tracking page.

Return & feedback

  • What about returns and exchanges?

We have a well-established compensation system for unmendable defective /missing /wrong items; full details can be found in our Return policy.

  • Where can I complain if I have problems after receiving the package?

Please refer here:


  • What if my package was damaged during delivery?

Once you receive your package, please be sure to check for any damage. If the package was damaged during delivery, you can request “Proof of Damage” documentation from the carrier. You can use this when contacting Customer Service to arrange for damage reimbursement.

Customs clearance

  • Is there any extra charge from you?

We would not charge extra fee other than actual romgirls price and corresponding shipping fee. Meanwhile, we would not responsible for any bank charge of your payment. The order price does not include Custom tax. We'll try our best to help our clients avoiding custom taxes, but because of the complexity of different countries’ Custom tax policy, we are not sure if your package can pass custom without tax.

  • What can you do to help us avoiding custom tax?

Usually, we'll declare a much lower value of your package.

  • Does the certificate of origin show the actual worth of items? Whether it can be marked as gifts or samples?

There's no price in certificate of origin.

Certificate of orifin is commercial, it’s for business. So can't be marked as gift or sample.

  • Why DHL charge me tax?

Usually, if there's tax in custom, they will pay the tariff in advance to pass custom smoothly, and then charge you when deliver to you.

  • Do I have to pay import or customs duties?

romgirls.com doesn’t charge any taxes for its purchases, so now you are paid in full. However, since your order is shipping from China, it may be subject to customs or import duties charged once your order reaches your country.

About order

  • Do you have any minimum order?

No minimum order at present.

  • How can I place an order?

You may see the purchase guidelines details.

  • How can I change my order?

If you have already submitted the order, just contact us to change it. Our customer service will do it for you.

  • What is your label? What should we do if we want our own label?

We have different label series. The labels may be different in different styles. If you order 300pcs for single style and single color, or order amount above 5000USD, we’ll produce and use your own labels. More details, please contact: service@gchoic.com and we will help you soon.

  • If I have submitted my orders, can I still add items to it? How can I change my payment method?

Contact our customer service to add for you or change payment method. Or, you can place a new order and then combine it with your previous order.

  • What will happen if there are out-of-stock items in my order after payment? 

Usually there are 5% items out of stock. We'll contact you for the out-of-stock items in 1-2 days since payment received, and you can make replacement, or just ask us to send out the ready items. We'll recalculate the item prices and shipping fee. All excess payment would be credited to your balance account for later use. If you want, we can also refund to your Paypal account.

  • Can I confirm stock status with you before payment?

Yes, you can contact us before payment, we’ll check and inform you which items are out of stock. But as you know, our stock status is changing every hour, so we can’t promise that the items will be still in stock when we prepare your order.

  • What should I do when fail to place order?


  1. Use other browsers. There’re many browsers you can use, such as IE, Firefox, Google chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.
  2. If it still doesn’t work, you can copy the goods list including item number, size and color; send us by email together with your username on our site, and also your full shipping address. We’ll place the order for you and then let you know.
  • Can you separate my order to several packages in order to avoid tax in custom? 

Sorry we can't do this. Usually we send only one package for one order unless it’s too large to be put into one box. If you want us to send two or more packages, please place your order separately.

  • How do I track my package?

All available tracking information has been provided above and in your My Orders . But if you do not selected the shipping with tracking number there is no tracking information. If you ordered multiple items, you may receive separate shipments according to the stock with no additional shipping charges.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may be eligible to return your item(s) by contacting Customer Service within 7 days of receiving your package. For more information, visit our Return Policy.


  • What delivery company you use?

We have FedEx,DHL,Aramex and EMS include China Post Air-maiL.

  • How about your shipping fee?

Shipping fee is counted automatically by system base on parcel weight. You may see the details in About shipping

  • How long will it take to get my order?

Since receiving your payment, we’ll start to prepare goods. Usually we take 2-3 days to finish the preparing and then send them out. If all your items are in stock, we'll send it in 24 hours after receiving your payment. But if several of your styles are out of stock provisionally, we’ll take 2-3 days to get it from factory.

  • Why I can't check on website of EMS after receiving the tracking number?

EMS usually delays on updating the information on their website. So please be patient and check it sometime later.

  • How can I know the shipping fee when picking goods?

All shipping fees are counted by our system. You can try to add the items to cart then click “check out”.Before submitting the order, you can see the shipping rate.


  • What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by Card(credit/debit/card)/ Paypal / Western Union(similar to Bank transfer, but more convenient)/ Bank transfer . You may see the details here

  • I want to make payment by Credit card but don’t want to register paypal account, is that OK?

Yes, sure, it’s OK. You can just choose to pay by Paypal, then click “pay” button and there will be a webpage for you to enter your credit card information. If anybody used Paypal in your computer before, you need to clean all the cache of your browser, then can pay by Credit card successfully.

  • Why is there only US price in your website? I’m not from USA how can I pay you US dollars?

US dollar has the best negotiability in the world. Every currency can be exchanged to US dollars.

If your primary currency is not USD, you can still pay us USD in Paypal. For T/T, you can also pay us US dollars.

  • Why does the amount you received is less than what I paid in Bank?

Besides transaction fee in the bank you make transfer, also, there may be some third party Bank charge you in the process of telegraphic transfer. That’s because, if the bank in which you make payment has not business relation with our bank, then payment may be sent to a third party bank first, and then send to our bank. If this happen, the third party will charge the transaction fee from the payment, so the payment time will be longer and the amount we receive will be less than the amount you pay us.

General questions

  • What is romgirls.com?

romgirls.com is an online ladies'fashion supplier. We are legally registered as a private company in China, and have received business license from China government. Purchase at romgirls.com indicates safe and well-managed trade.

  • How is the quality of your products?

Our product quality is good relatively to many our rivals. 100% of our products are the same as the photos, Our products are suitable for price-competitive, non-high-ended market.

  • How can I know whether your photos are 100% exact with products?

All of photos of our product are being shot by our own camerist. You can easily distinguish them.

  • How often do you add new styles?

We update about 20-80 styles each day, except legal holidays. Our goal is to bring all the latest fashions and trends to our customers as fast as we can. That’s why our selection is so widely.

  • How is your size, do you carry special sizes?

Usually there're details on sizes for each style in the descriptions. Free size usually means size M, but since its loose design for summer, it is also fit for person on size S and L. Also we have part of plus size items, there are sizes XL, XXL, XXXL, or even XXXXL.

To assist you in ordering the correct size, we have Size measurement on each product page for your reference. 

  • What does free size mean? And is it possible that size in your country is smaller than size in western country?

Free size usually means M size in China, but maybe size S in western countries.

  • Sometimes I found there's not only one pc in the picture, how can I know which one you are selling?

Just check the title. If there's "two pieces" or "twinset" in the title, then we sell two pieces. Otherwise, we sell only one piece. But for lover shirt, all listing price is for two pieces.

  • Are all your products immediately available?

All styles in our site are available when we upload it. But we sell more than 5000 pcs per day, so part of the styles will be not in ready stock. It takes about 3-5 days for us to get them from our factory.

  • Is your merchandise used?

No, all our products are fresh new.

  • How long will the out-of-stock items be restocked? 

We are not sure about it, but for Hot-sale styles, we’ll restock quickly.

  • Do you have your own factory?

We have our own factory, but can't manage to produce more than 8000 styles. So we have long-term cooperative relationship with other reliable factories, too.

  • Usually how much weight for each item?

Usually gross weight of summer wear is 0.25~0.3kg per item, and 0.7~0.9kg per piece for jeans; 0.3~0.5kg per item for Spring/Autumn wear; 0.7~1.1kg for winter jacket/coat.

  • What's product material?

We care about the quality, so we use the great material, but different styles with different material standard.

you can see the detail introduction of the products include the material on each product page.

  • Is there any easy way to get your photos?

Yes, you can contact us, if your order is large enough,we can offer you our photo for free.

  • What does bulk order mean?

If the item shows bulk order, means out of stock. But if you really want it, please contact our customer service to place the order.

  • Can I change the items in my paid order? 

before we delivery it out, you can request us to change it, but after changed all the items would re-experience all the procedure as a new order, so it would be delayed few days like normal order.

  • Can I get my cash bonus sent back to my paypal account? 

No. Any cash bonus offered from any activity can be used to buy any commodity on romgirls.com, but romgirls.com does not accept any applications for refunds and withdrawals.

Other questions

  • If I forget my password, how can I get it back?

You can click forget my password to find a new password in your register email box, then log in with that password and reset a new password.

  • Why I can’t register? It said my user name is illicit.

Please do not leave space the user name you typed in.and make sure the email address is valid.

  • My browser can't work, any others recommended?

You can try to use Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera to browse our website. Here is the links to download:

Firefox: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/

Chrome: http://www.google.com/chrome/

Safari: http://www.apple.com/safari/download/

Opera: http://www.opera.com/ 

  • Your clothing are pretty and price is fair, how can I contact you? Thank You.

90% of our new customers would place their second orders, it stimulates us to improve our products and services.

We update our styles every day. Your comment, inquiry and problem are welcome here! Email to: service@gchoic.com